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Register your organisation to receive a free NHS wellbeing survey for an unlimited amount of participants.

You can also request a free on-boarding call to get the most out of your survey. Plus, receive our survey results guide and schedule another free call to discuss your results and how to improve them.

Surveys take just one minute

It will take participants around a minute to complete the survey. Each participant will receive their results instantly, along with a guide to understand what they mean with access to 70 tips for improving wellbeing.

See how your people are thinking and feeling, with colour coded analytics that focus on their untapped potential. Discover 14 areas of the functioning and feeling aspects of their mental wellbeing.

Access to the Survey Dashboard

When you register, gain access to your own private dashboard with your free survey all ready to go. Just copy the survey link and send.

Learn more about our Survey System and how measuring mental wellbeing can help in improving your organisations’ performance:

Improving your organisations’ Mental Wellbeing

Once the surveys have been taken, we provide a free guide to help you understand your results, with a free follow-up call to provide greater insight.

We will then offer a bespoke proposal that details how we can work with you to improve mental wellbeing levels and performance in your organisation.

Our Inner Balance Coaching System is designed to provide participants with 24/7 access to specialist resources to help them understand and improve their mental wellbeing.


Cost depends on the number of users, whether you choose a monthly or annual option, and whether services required are online or include on-site training and workshops.

A guide price for using our online-only services, including use of our Survey Platform and Inner Balance Coaching System, is:

£1 – £4 per user, per month.

Register your organisation for a free survey today.

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