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About us

Our mission is to help organisations discover, understand and improve how their people are thinking and feeling and our passion is educating and empowering individuals to enjoy higher levels of mental wellbeing. We aim to make it easy to provide effective support by making our safe and effective services widely accessible in three key ways.

  1. Using technology to ensure our resources are accessible 24/7 to anyone with a connected device.
  2. With a practical no nonsense approach, our coaching system ensures good mental wellbeing is easily understandable and more achievable.
  3. Our unique approach ensures that the specialist resources we deliver to organisations and individuals are excellent value.

We believe that good mental wellbeing should be the norm in our schools and businesses. If you agree, please register for your organisations free survey now.

Our founder

Monkey Mind was created by Graham McDowell who is a mindfulness coach, solution focused hypnotherapist and psychotherapist with a successful private practice in Devon, England.

“I believe that being happy, relaxed and content is our natural state, but sadly more and more people are feeling anxious, angry, depressed, stressed and unfulfilled. I specialise in helping people break free from self limiting beliefs and destructive patterns of behaviour so that they can awaken to their true nature of happiness and contentment. I have taken the knowledge gained from thousands of successful client sessions and created the Inner Balance Coaching System which empowers individuals and provides organisations with a simple and effective method for supporting their ‘Human Resources’ and thereby improving organisational performance.” 
                                                                 Graham McDowell

Learn more about feeling better and improving performance.
Register for a free mental wellbeing survey.

Who is Monkey Mind for?


Education. Private business. PLC’s. Public Service’s. Any size or type of organisation can benefit from using our survey system to quickly and accurately measure mental wellbeing levels and 24/7 access to our Inner Balance Coaching System can be made available to any size of workforce to help improve mental wellbeing and performance. We can also provide engaging onsite training and wellbeing workshops to introduce our online systems and support managers and staff.


Whilst our Inner Balance Coaching System can greatly benefit organisations, it does so by improving the mental wellbeing of individuals so we welcome any individual to join us. Our coaching system is ideal for use unaided by anyone from early teens upwards. Younger children will benefit from adult supervision and support but will still find great benefits, so our coaching system is perfect for parents and teachers wishing to support young people

Our Mental Wellbeing Survey System

Clinically Proven

We use a 14 point NHS survey developed by Warwick and Edinburgh Universities that is clinically proven and validated.


Our colour coded analytics provide a unique insight into how your organisation is thinking and feeling in real time.

Quick & Simple

Simply send out a unique link and your people can complete the positively phrased survey in around a minute.

Our Inner Balance Coaching System

24/7 Specialist Resources

Empower your people to better understand and improve their mental wellbeing with dedicated access to our specialist resources.

Improved Performance

An individual can only perform in accordance with their level of mental wellbeing so as MW increases, performance improves naturally.

Improved Productivity

As the mental wellbeing and performance of individuals improves the wellbeing and productivity of the organisation improves.

Monkey Mind
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